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Design Support

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Architects know how to make works of art. Engineers know how to build. With these two alone, you will get a great functioning building. But as we know, a mall is so much more than just that. Its public spaces, its welcoming atmosphere, levels of natural light reflecting off grandiose tiles, the car parking arrangement all have direct impact on visitors.

A retail expert is a must for any developer who wishes to get all the elements right from the very beginning. This is where Retail Emporium comes into play. Relying upon decades of retail design experience, our teams are able to work alongside engineers, architects and owners to ensure effective layouts and designs are achieved. As an additional layer of support to owners, we can help reduce errors and ensure variations are kept to a minimum by scientifically dissecting each element of the mall design and ensuring the end product obtain best industry standards.

Our inputs focus on the following areas:

  • Shop configurations
  • Pedestrian and vehicular access
  • Image and Aesthetics
  • Impact of surrounding developments
  • Car parking provisions
  • Operational Servicing
  • HSE Requirements
  • Internal Circulation
  • Loading/unloading facilities
  • Retail floor size and design layout
  • Facilities & Amenities
  • Promotion Areas